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Learn to read Russian

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Absolute innovation!- One of the best methods, which helps to learn how to read Russian with proven effectiveness- 5 educational games in one app - 3 difficulty levels - More than 200 game tasks and nice pictures will not make your child feel bored- Professional studio sound provides correct pronunciation- There is no commercial in the app, so nothing distracts you from the educational process- All games are developed by professional teachers with a large work experienceWith the help of full app version parents can easily teach their children to read Russian! The main condition for successful learning is not to be silent during your lessons, repeat loudly all syllables and whole words
The app can be used by adult beginners who want to read Russian.
1) Remember 246 syllables of Russian language. In the game "Склады и звуки" first you need to listen to syllables and then find and touch the called syllables in the task.
2) Learn to recognize and understand a complete image of a word.In the game "Найди слово" you need to view emerging pictures and words above them with voice record and then to find the words on the screen.
3) Learn how to arrange syllables in the proper order and read them from left to right.In the game "Собери слово" you need to make a certain word using "word pieces" by putting them in the proper order under the picture.
4) Read simple words without help.In the game "Лото" you need to choose the correct word for a picture.
5) Read words and learn how to make them without help.In the game "Угадай слово" you need to guess which word can be made out of the presented on the screen "pieces" after arranging them in the proper order.